Meet the Team

Working towards a B.S. in civil and environmental engineering at UC Berkeley, all team members are passionate about sustainability and environmental engineering. While everyone shares a passion for helping developing countries and those less fortunate, members have different strengths that make the team strong.

Stacey Rutherford  Class of 2014

Her interest in water filtration started after she learned and worked with different methods at her internship with Urban Design Consulting Engineers during the summer of 2012. As she became more involved in the project and learned of Tibet’s poor infrastructure and lack of supportive government, however, she has become passionate about Tibet and raising awareness on their issues. Her involvement in clubs and organizations (ASCE External Vice President and Engineering Student Council Treasurer) has made her a strong leader with lots of drive and ambition, which makes her a good proponent of this team.

Uriel Shelby Class of 2014

He is involved with Berkeley Engineers and Mentors (BEAM), a program which teaches science and engineering curriculum in local schools. He was voted the “Favorite Transferring Tutor” for the Mathematics Engineering and Science Achievement Center at Cabrillo Community College for Spring 2012. As an Army veteran and a Bronze Star recipient, Uriel’s devotion and excellence in assistance and teaching makes him an important asset to the team.

Stacy Naglestad Class of 2014

Each semester Stacy assists CEE 24, a freshman seminar focused on building and testing simple, effective filters that are ideal for implementing in local communities of developing countries. In addition to her water treatment experience, she also holds an internship position with Building Sustainability at Cal working on projects to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) accreditation for buildings on campus. Stacy is passionate about understanding and alleviating environmental and sustainability issues for the present and future in both developing and developed countries.

Denzil D’Sa

Class of 2014

Denzil has externed at Bechtel Corporation, where he learned several applications of project management and organization. He has also volunteered with Global Architecture Brigades, where he helped design and build a school in a rural village in Honduras. He utilized the natural elements in the village when designing the school to make it as cost effective and sustainable as possible. Having been a translator for his Honduras expedition, he is well experienced in communicating with other cultures. His drive to apply his knowledge to bettering underdeveloped countries aids in furthering the Clean Water Initiative with Tibetan Village Project.

Haleemah Qureshi Class of 2014

Haleemah has volunteered with Global Water Brigades, a student organization with whom she traveled to Honduras in order to implement a water delivery system to homes in the community of El Canton. She has also interned with an environmental Consulting company, Hagler Bailly Pakistan, during which she travelled to a village in Kashmir and conducted socio-economic surveys to understand the impact of an infrastructure development project being undertaken by an organization in partnership with the World Bank. Having grown up in a developing country, she is highly motivated to find technical solutions that can improve the conditions of those less fortunate.

Jordan Toy Class of 2014

Interested in infrastructure and water systems, Jordan is the Project Manager of the Cal-Enviro Team, which consistently ranks highly in the annual intercollegiate Mid-Pacific Conference water filtration competition. As a member of Engineers Without Borders, Jordan has participated in designing a rooftop rainwater collection system and has taught Spanish lessons to non-speakers interested in travelling to Peru. He is passionate in helping the general public, from on a local level to a global one, and his dedication has contributed much to the team.

Lin Zhu Class of 2014

From eastern China, Lin is from the Sichuan province near the villages Tibetan Village Project will help in the Kham and Amdo regions. Her knowledge of the culture along with her passion in helping others and interest in environmental engineering are valuable to the team.

Alexandra Rasch M.S. Class of 2014

Working on her Masters degree in environmental engineering, Alex is working on filtering groundwater in India. Her interest in helping developing countries and her technical knowledge in the field of water and environmental engineering is highly valuable to this project.


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