Below is the actual schedule of our trip! This page acts as a guide to the blog posts of our trip.

Day 1– Arrive in Chengdu and enjoy TVP’s meet and greet

Day 2- Explore Chengdu and buy necessary materials

Day 3- Drive to Kangding (7 hours) and dancing upon arrival!

Day 4- Drive to Yoloshi (7 hours)

Day 5- Make filters

Day 6- Continue to make filters, everything goes wrong, but we reach our goal of implementing two!

Day 7- Established an assembly line and finished making filters! Implemented 3 filters

Day 8- Perfect filters and implement more.

Day 9- Hike to see Mt. Gongga

Day 10-Implement filters

Day 11- Hike to water source with long detour to Color Pond and Sulfur Springs

Day 12- Assessment and hike to Buddhist writing

Day 13- Final assessments and dancing

Day 14- Bumpy ride back to Kangding

Day 15- Back in Chengdu


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