TVP chooses Berkeley design!

TVP engineers have evaluated the designs submitted by all 5 participating schools (Stanford, USC, Mississippi State, Cal State Long Beach, University of Central Florida, and of course, UC Berkeley!) UC Berkeley’s AND Stanford’s design have been chosen to be implemented.

Disclosure of other team’s design isn’t given to us, but we just know Stanford’s design is a bio-sand filter. TVP plans to implement both in the summer and test them to see which is better.

Our reaction: We are more than happy and excited that our design was chosen! We are curious as to how well Stanford’s bio-sand filter will work. The cold temperatures will kill the micro-organisms in the winter so it will be interesting to see its results. We are also curious as to how Stanford proposed to maintain a bio-sand filter. Cleaning the sand seems impossible since there is no clean water to clean it with in the first place so even if Stanford thought a regular sand filter would be optimal, the sand wouldn’t be clean to filter the water…it’s a very interesting result to us..I guess we’ll see.


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