Final Design

After much research and brainstorming we came up with a design that implements bleach, fabric, and bamboo charcoal. Below is a photo of our prototype:

complete 2

assembled model

components 2


Since bamboo charcoal has the ability to take away chlorine taste, we decided to include bleach into our proposed filtration process. Thus our proposed filtration process is as follows:

1. Tibetans pour the correct proportion of bleach into their container when they collect water. The water will be mixed naturally as the Tibetans carry the water back home.

2. After at least 30 minutes upon mixing the water with bleach (ideally, the Tibetans will live at least 30 minutes from the river so that no wait time is actually needed), the water can be poured through the filter fabric at the top. While disinfection usually takes place after filtration,we have assumed that the river water is very low in turbidity. Tibetans say their water is nearly clear! Therefore, we have deemed it more convenient to mix the river water with bleach before conducting filtration. Plus, disinfecting before filtration assures no mold or bacteria growth on the fabric that may happen in the future.

3. After being poured through the fabric filter, all water will be forced through a PVC pipe filled with bamboo charcoal. This will ensure that all water touches the bamboo charcoal and is filtered in some way.

4. A small hole at the end of the bamboo charcoal filled PVC pipe will enable the water to be released and stored in the bottom bucket.

-easy to assemble/disassemble
-easy to clean
-storage bucket can have a tap attached enabling easy and sanitary water dispensing

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