Current Status of Water

Read about the current conditions in rural villages with regards to water and how they obtain it. All information relating to lifestyle and culture is from TVP and the Tibetans themselves.

(When we first started the project the greatest complication was the lack of data. The villages TVP works in are very rural and hard to find information on. Thus collaboration with TVP and the Tibetans themselves is highly valuable. Read below and get a glimpse of the problems and issues we have to take into consideration when tackling this project.)

All pictures and information were provided by TVP and obtained during TVP coordinator trips to Tibet.

carrying water

How often do villagers get water?
Most villagers get water twice day a depending on size their water storage.
For example, people get water once in the morning before breakfast and once in the evening before dinner.

How do they carry the water?
Water is normally carried on the backs of people, as seen in the photo above, and mules.

How long is a trip to the river?
This all depends on individual family locations. It could be anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour.

How is the water maintained in the household before drinking?
People usually store it in a container, but don’t clean their container. The storage tank is traditionally made from clay or wood but people use tin, brass, aluminum, and even plastic.

What is the water used for?
People use water for drinking, washing, livestock and fields. At the river, however, people normally wash their clothes, animals drink the water (rather then from feeding buckets), and the water is irrigated to fields via trenches as pipes are too expensive and hard to maintain in the villages’ minds.


Where in the house do they keep the water?
Each family normally has a water storage tank that usually lasts at least for a day. However, some families may have bigger storage containers that last for a few days while others might have one or two buckets that sit right next to the stove.

How do they drink the water?
People normally drink it boiled in the form of tea, soup, food, etc. However, people also drink directly from the dirty water storage tank or from the water source itself when they need a cold refreshment.



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